Ep.39: Brett Culp – Cinematic Documentarian, Creator of “Legends Of The Knight’ (Trailer)

This is a teaser from the upcoming, Episode 39 with film maker Brett Culp. Join us as we discuss his career and how he approaches his films.

His newest feature-length documentary “Legends of the Knight” is about the ability we all have to be heroes. The film is being released worldwide in 2014, and the proceeds are benefitting not-for-profit organizations.

VIEW THE TRAILER AND GET MORE INFORMATION AT: http://www.WEareBATMAN.com Legends of the Knight was funded by more than 1,000 fans from around the world whom
contributed to the film’s Kickstarter campaign (http://kck.st/W4yO4a). The film is currently available for pre-order at http://www.WEareBATMAN.com
A collection of images from the film can be downloaded here:
Official Trailer: https://vimeo.com/59964265




It’s 2014 – Time To Reconnect With Yourself

Welcome to 2014, the future is now! Here we go, these are the things that were going to use to better ourselves no matter where we are in life. (que lush musical sound effect) You are the first person that … Continue reading

How To Pick A Photographer For Actor Headshots: Pitfalls, and Other Things To Avoid

For new actors, choosing a headshot photographer could be a tough experience. Scams are plentiful and as the old saying goes, “A fool and his money are soon parted.” But after you have sifted through the filth and figured out your bearings, a new task begins.

Now you have to find a qualified photographer for your headshots! After all, what you are doing is an investment in yourself. Headshots could not only open doors, they can also close them; and it pains me to say this but I’m speaking from experience here.

Having made all these mistakes myself along the way, I can whole heartedly boil it down to a simple “rule”: Don’t go for cheap. Save up for a good session.

Doing it any other way is going to cost you. You know what they say, “Buy nice, or buy twice.”

To help further clarify this discussion, let’s turn it over to the creative producer at Jonsar Studios in Brooklyn, NY.

On a personal note, I recently had my headshots taken at Jonsar Studios and highly recommend them. If you are interested in getting your headshots taken with them, mention this podcast.

For the rest of this really informative discussion with Seeley, visit: AnthonyCharlesPodcast.com/episodes

For more information on Jonsar Studios, visit: JonsarStudios.com

The Good Left Undone

I found this story shared on Facebook today:


It reminded me of a similar moment I experienced of sudden, visceral realization.
While I have certainly never done anything as violent as bullfighting, I empathize with the look on this man’s face.

What this guy experienced was a recognition of the universal oneness in all beings.
“And suddenly, I looked at the bull. He had this innocence that all animals have been there eyes, and he looked at me with this pleading. ”

My moment of remembering/realization was articulated through music. That song for me was. “The Good Left Undone” by Rise Against.

“The Good Left Undone”

In fields where nothing grew but weeds,
I found a flower at my feet,
Bending there in my direction,
I wrapped a hand around its stem,
I pulled until the roots gave in,
Finding there what I’d been missing,

But I know…
So I tell myself, I tell myself it’s wrong.
There’s a point we pass from which we can’t return.
I felt the cold rain of the coming storm.

All because of you,
I haven’t slept in so long.
When I do I dream of drowning in the ocean,
Longing for the shore where I can lay my head down,
I’ll follow your voice,
All you have to do is shout it out.

Inside my hands these petals browned,
Dried up, fallen to the ground
But it was already too late now.
I pushed my fingers through the earth,
Returned this flower to the dirt,
So it could live. I walked away now.

But I know…
Not a day goes by that I don’t feel this burn.
There’s a point we pass from which we can’t return.
I felt the cold rain of the coming storm.

All because of you,
I haven’t slept in so long,
When I do I dream of drowning in the ocean,
Longing for the shore where I can lay my head down,
I’ll follow your voice,
All you have to do is shout it out.

All because of you…
All because of you…

All because of you,
I haven’t slept in so long.
When I do I dream of drowning in the ocean,
Longing for the shore where I can lay my head down,
Inside these arms of yours.

All because of you,
I believe in angels.
Not the kind with wings,
No, not the kind with halos,
The kind that bring you home,
When home becomes a strange place.
I’ll follow your voice,
All you have to do is shout it out.

On a personal note: I wouldn’t be surprised if that former matador became a vegetarian/vegan after this.

Podcast Update: 03 Adverse Chroma

In this video we listen to a preview of episode 29 of “The Anthony Charles Podcast” with Robin Weisel and Anna Rubeo, the filmmakers behind Adverse Chroma. To support this film, please follow this link: http://igg.me/at/adversechroma .

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Podcast Update: 02 Andrew Hess Releases His Latest Book “The Phoenix Blade”

Andrew Hess Releases His Latest Book “The Phoenix Blade”

Attend the book signing on Monday, June 17th, 2013, 7pm.

For more info visit: http://www.bookrevue.com/AndrewHess.html.

To Purchase The Book:



To Connect With Andrew:





Also, Be Sure To Check Out:


How To Build Your Own Bass Traps – Easy DIY Method

This video is for the audio recording guys out there. This is an instructional video for building your own bass traps. Just follow the tips explained in the video and you should be all set. I left out the quantities of each item so you can make as many as you need for your room. These are just suggestions, always use safety measures when constructing anything. Enjoy!

Nestlé CEO Believes Water Is Not A Public Right, Moves To Patent Natural Plants, And More…

In my readings, I found some very interesting articles pertaining to the Nestlé corporation and it’s CEO Peter Brabeck.

In this first article by DSWright, we see a video of Mr. Brabeck discussing his criticism of the organic movement in Europe, to the privatization of the world’s water supply, and more.

DSWright points out that, “Brabeck disparages the “organic movement” and those opposing genetically modified food saying he prefers the American system which, he claims, has not produced a single case of illness. Brabeck may be omitting or may genuinely not know that no one in the US could document such a case of illness, even if it occurred, because GM food is not labeled in America.”

So I did a little research of my own only to find this article from PR Newswire which states, “GMOs are now present in 75 to 80 percent of conventional processed food in the U.S., according to the Grocery Manufacturers Association.” Followed by another article by the American Academy of Environmental Medicine which cautions,

[…] because GM foods have not been properly tested for human consumption, and because there is ample evidence of probable harm, the AAEM asks: Physicians to educate their patients, the medical community, and the public to avoid GM foods when possible and provide educational materials concerning GM foods and health risks. Physicians to consider the possible role of GM foods in the disease processes of the patients they treat and to document any changes in patient health when changing from GM food to non-GM food. Our members, the medical community, and the independent scientific community to gather case studies potentially related to GM food consumption and health effects, begin epidemiological research to investigate the role of GM foods on human health, and conduct safe methods of determining the effect of GM foods on human health. [And] For a moratorium on GM food, implementation of immediate long term independent safety testing, and labeling of GM foods, which is necessary for the health and safety of consumers.

So it seems pretty safe to say that even if GMOs were required to be labeled in America, it would be nearly impossible to determine GMOs as a causality of illness considering nearly all of our food supply has been modified to some extent.

As for the privatization of the world’s water supply, Brabeck believes that humans having a public right to water is an “extreme” viewpoint. Enough said.

As for patenting of plants, according to another article published by Business Standard, “Swiss food company Nestle is seeking a patent on the use of the seed (botanical name) Nigella sativa to prevent food allergies, claiming the plant seed and extract when they are used as a food ingredient or drug.”

If you do not wish to further empower the Nestlé corporation, one thing you can do is boycott their products. I have included a list of Nestlé subsidiaries as well, found here. Another thing you can do is sign this petition I found here. You could also buy locally grown organic produce to cut down on your exposure to GMOs in your diet.

With all that being said, I commend Peter Brabeck for being so transparent with his views. At three minutes and forty seconds of the video he explains, “I’m still of the opinion that the biggest social responsibility of any CEO is to maintain and ensure the successful and profitable future of his enterprise.” In other words, profits supersede the potential ramifications and health risks to people. Unfortunately, there are more people out there who also share this mindset, but by removing your money from these organizations they lose power. Make better choices for yourself and your loved ones to create change in the world.

Shaking Things Up With William Shakespeare


Hey guys! I attended a great workshop today with Joanne Zipay! She was a director that I had the sincere pleasure of working with and she invited me out to an excellent Shakespearian workshop entitled, “Playing Shakespeare”.

I took a little video while I was there, check it out:

Remember to join her mailing list at JudithShakespeare.org and listen to her episode of my podcast here: http://anthonycharlespodcast.com/episode-22-joanne-zipay-founder-and-artistic-director-of-the-judith-shakespeare-company/

Meditation Break

You know the old saying, “you should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day, unless you’re too busy; then you should sit for an hour”.

Never tried it before? Here’s a guided meditation video that I found on youtube. You can find a bunch more like it. Do whatever resonates with you (quite literally in this case :-p ).

For others who are more accustomed to meditating, just keep at it and try to put some good energy in the world today.